It the reality. I just don like the way we covering it [is fair]. I don like the narrative right now. If you have usually been one way, and have … Continue Reading →

Perhaps for a while, but this is a really forced bandaid to a problem people aren trying to fix themselves. Companies pay for skill, knowledge. If you have no skill … Continue Reading →

After the bill was paid my cousins and I were leaving the table. An older man interrupted our discussion asking if I was Canadian. I told him yes. What Ronnie … Continue Reading →

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Most schools are the same in many aspects of freshman housing they require freshman to live on campus, you often don get a choice of which dorm or which roommate … Continue Reading →

They refer to the CAB Advisory Board sessions organized by Enbridge and boycotted by many shortly after they began as they discovered it appeared to be a ruse to allow … Continue Reading →

All the green lobby groups keep lauding alge or yeast that can produce oil but that not scaleable or food safe yet and won be for at least 10 years.simply … Continue Reading →

That is, “I’m not a witch. Which is an absurd accusation. So stuff about me making personal use of campaign funds and fudging my resume are probably also just as … Continue Reading →

What is domestic violence? The committee has defined domestic violence as: physical or sexual assault, or the threat of physical or sexual assault, toward a person with whom there is, … Continue Reading →

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